At Salamanca Ingenieros we take care of coordinating and applying the general principles of prevention and safety.

The figure of the Health and Safety Coordinator is mandatory for the entire work, not just for the project.

We coordinate the activities of the workers involved in the work to guarantee that all the points of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law are complied with. We also organize and plan the work phases of a project.

Workers must be properly trained to perform their tasks safely and without risk of accidents. Likewise, it is important that they are aware of the risks to which they are exposed in the workplace and know how to act in an emergency.

We have a highly experienced team that guarantees compliance with occupational risk prevention regulations.

This modality is especially interesting since we maintain a very close follow-up with the client in order to satisfy all their needs.

  • Preparation and advice on security plans
  • Redaction of safety and health studies
  • Control and management of preventive information
  • Specific reports on occupational risk prevention and health and safety
  • Emergency plans

Identify hazards and assess risks.

Establish control measures to eliminate or reduce risks.

Train staff to become familiar with risks and control measures.

Educate and train staff to become familiar with risks and control measures.

Regularly assess the effectiveness of control measures and take the necessary steps to improve them.