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We are dedicated to the provision of integral services of engineering, mining and environment. We are an independent company and since 2004 we have developed a wide range of activities such as: Integrated project management (development and promotion), mining exploration, analysis of mining resources, Civil engineering and infrastructures, general consultancy, environment and ATEX.

We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of Engineering Projects, Mining, Environment, Works and Infrastructure and Renewable Energy. This experience is supported by the training and experience of the professionals who are part of our staff and who accredit us as a reference.

Our ability to work in the most demanding markets has led us to develop projects in all the autonomous communities of Spain and, internationally, in companies from the USA, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Portugal and Turkey.


Our corporate principles are the firm assumption of real commitments, a deep respect for the investment made by our customers and strict compliance with objectives set by quality, cost and deadlines. 

Our main asset are our customers. We have grown and learned with them. We work with enthusiasm and dedication to achieve the fulfilment of the agreed objectives.


Knowing the value that the human team has in the provision of our services, we have developed an ideology based on the person and the empowerment of their abilities. Knowledge, experience and flexibility are our hallmarks.

Our staff is formed by a multidisciplinary team with professionals from different specialties: Mining Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Civil Engineers, Geologists, Environmental Technicians, etc. We are capable of providing services efficiently and quickly. Our personnel has more than twenty years of experience in different sectors of engineering.

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