Hybrid solar energy combines photovoltaic solar energy with another type of energy in the same installation, such as the electricity grid.

Hybrid photovoltaic installations can be diverse. For example, those that use solar energy and fuels such as diesel, we can also combine this solar energy with wind energy, doing everything in a renewable, sustainable and non-polluting way.

The hybrid photovoltaic installation is an ideal solution for those who want to be connected to the electricity grid, but also have the security of having energy available in the event of a power outage. This solution requires a significant investment, but it is a transitory stage towards an isolated and self-sufficient installation.

A photovoltaic solar power generation system will have two sources of energy. On the one hand, there will be the usual photovoltaic panels and another type of adjacent installation that produces energy. These plates generate electrical energy from the sun and the inverter stores the energy in batteries, converting the direct current into alternating current so that it can be used.

The hybrid system takes advantage of diesel fuel to generate energy, in case the first does not generate enough. If it is hybrid solar energy combined with wind power, the system can take from one or the other depending on availability or preference.


This type of installation will always have energy available, when the solar stops producing at night, the system will take energy from the other installation.

-A good solution for remote places.

-The energy produced can be stored in batteries.

-Simple, clean and cheap maintenance.

-A very good management of the resources produced.

-System adaptable to personal needs.


-Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, but it is not a constant energy source. That means that at night it is not possible to take advantage of it, or that at certain times and situations it does not provide all that we may need. Having a reserve source, there will be energy whenever we need it.

-It may not be clean energy if we complement it with some type of generation with some fossil fuel.